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Mituna X Reader

So your name is ____ and yours visiting one of your closest friends, Mituna Captor. You like looking after him and being able to spend time with him despite his random angry out bursts. He was just too sweet for you to stay mad at him. At the moment you are sitting in his kitchen while he looks for his safety helmet.

“____ C4N Y0U H3PL M3 F1ND MY H3LM3T?” He asked as he looked under a near by chair.

You sighed and helped him search for his helmet. You kept glancing at him though. You liked it better when he didn’t have his helmet on. It let you see his hair, it was fluffy and messy, but it fit him. His hair was more flat where his helmet would normally be and his hair fell in front of his eyes. You remember he once let you see his eyes but it was so long ago you barely remember. But it didn’t matter to you, he could have no eyes and still be adorable. You kept searching for the helmet to keep from getting too lost in Mituna’s hair.

You smile finding the helmet in a cabinet pulling it out. You look at it to make sure it wasn’t damaged. It was fine you turn to find Mituna looking between seat cushions for it.

“Hey Mituna, I found it.” You say making him turn to you with his bright smile.

“7H4NSK ____!” He exclaimed coming over grabbing the helmet. His bright smile quickly faded for some reason confusing you.

“____…” He muttered out your name so softly you almost didn’t hear him.

“What is it Mituna?” You asked taking a step closer to him.

“W0ULD Y0U M1ND H3LP1NG M3 WT1H MY H3LM3T?” He asked barely looking at you.

He always asked you to put his helmet o him. He claimed you put it on ‘in a special way’. You always helped since you couldn’t say no to him but he always asked so shyly. You stepped over taking the helmet from his hands. Carefully you put it on his delicate head making sure not to put it on him too forcefully. He smiled as you pulled your arms back.

“7H4NK5 _____.” Mituna said hugging you. You blushed as always as he hugged you.

“It’s nothing Mituna.” You told him patting his back.

“8U7 Y0U 4LW4Y5 PU7 17 1N 4 5P3C14L W4Y!” He was being so eccentric you just wanted to hug him like a baby.

“Fine fine, just keep it on okay Mituna.” You say smiling at him as he pouted.

“8U7 1 H4T3 K33P1NG 17 0N.” He crossed his arms, he was so adorable.

You sat him down and hugged him. Sure he had problems from his mysterious accident but he was so nice. You felt a need to protect and care for him. Sure he had Latula to care for him but she hasn’t really been around him much now a days. You want to ask if he broke up with her but it might make him cry and that’s the last thing that you wanted.

You took the seat next to him, there was a still calm silence that was so peaceful. You started humming to fill the air, Mituna smiled, he enjoyed hearing your made up tunes. You smiled as your humming filled the area, you snuggled into his shoulder. You started to sing any sound that came out of your mouth. It was a soft curious song being made but was still happy in a sense.

You stopped looking up at Mituna. He had his silly grin on, he was happy to hear your odd singing. You smiled at him glade to see him happy. He brought you into a hug, you could smell the honey always scenting his breath. You sigh feeling comfort in the sweet scent coating your close friend.

You felt like you could die happy if your heart just stopped right then and there. Mituna was just hugging you, keeping you safe even though he was dangerous to himself. Your eyes start falling heavy, you let your mind drift into sleep.

You find yourself dreaming in mid-air, flying or floating, you don’t find a difference in it. You look around feeling safety in the illusion of flying even though it can go bad with you falling to a dream end. You always found comfort in chances for failure even though knowing for sure was one of the securities all others found best. You just liked knowing things were evenly chanced for any out come.

You floated about roaming the skies, you started to feel like someone was hanging onto you. You looked down to see a smiling rather small Mituna. You floated onto your back pulling him onto your stomach, he smiled hugging you, nuzzling into your chest.

You found your dream leaving your sight to wake with a large helmet laying on your stomach. You sat up taking the helmet as you looked around for it’s owner. You didn’t see Mituna near by, you got up holding his helmet with you. You walked to the kitchen finding a figure sitting on the floor covered in honey. It was Mituna of course.

You set down the helmet and kneeled down to his level on the floor. He wasn’t looking at you, he was too busy licking honey off his hands.

“Mituna what happened?” You asked softly trying not to scare him, he still jumped a bit.

He lifted his head to look at you better. His hair was falling in front of his eyes as always, you tend to think he can’t see through his hair. You brought your hand near his face wanting to move his hair. He was startled by your advance towards him scooting away. You grabbed one of his hand comforting him in reassurance. You again brought your hand to his face, you brushed his hair out of his face revealing his eyes.

His eyes were bright and cheerful, his right eye red but without anger, while his left was blue without sadness. They were enchanting, you remember why you loved his eyes, you were hypnotized by them in their glorious wonders. You came closer to him blush on your face as you stared into his eyes. He was staring right back with his eyes calm and relaxed even though you two were so close with honey on the floor making things sweet and sticky.

“1 w45 ju57 g3771ng 50m3 h0n3y wh3n 17 f3ll…” He was speaking so calmly it made you just want to fall into his arms.

You smiled at him pulling him into a hug, you’ll have trouble getting the honey off your clothes but you needed to hug him. You didn’t want him to think you were upset with him. You pulled back slowly due to the honey sticking the both of you together, you smiled at him, he smiled without hesitation.

You stood up holding a hand out to Mituna. He took it firmly as you helped him up. He had honey all about his figure, he needed to get his clothes off and bathe. You instructed him to do so and waited on the couch for him to finish.

~small time skip *Sollux psionic blast to change time*~

You were sitting in a chair fumbling with Mituna’s helmet staring at the red and blue shield that would cover Mituna’s eyes. You hate his helmet, sure he falls and needs to keep his head safe and all but it doesn’t need to cover his eyes. What if the glass broke? Then it could end up flying into his eyes hurting him. You were just looking for any and all reasons to hate the damn thing. Its just something that blocks Mituna’s features and you hate that.

Why do you feel so strongly about his facial features? Well if it wasn’t clear already you feel strongly about Mituna, you’d enjoy being his matesprit but he has Latula and you’d never be able to be his hate date. You just hope for some way of loving him, but with how things seemed to be it wasn’t likely.

You were so deeply strung in your thoughts that you didn’t hear Mituna calling you. He was getting out of the tub trying to find a towel. He was yelling for you to bring him one. He got out with his feet wet and looked about for a towel in the near by cabinet. He had found them luckily but while reaching he was losing his footing. He fell bringing down a few towels that thankfully covered him (NO NAKED MITUNA FOR THE FANGIRLS!).

You hear the thud of Mituna in the bathroom. You ran in spotting Mituna trying to sit up. You hurried down to him helping him up, wrapping a towel around him. You led him to his room sitting him down, you checked him for bruises and any other markings. He was luckily fine, you sighed in relief as you were finally able to calm down. That’s when it registered that you were standing in front of an undressed Mituna while he only had a towel to cover himself. You blushed hurrying out.

“I-I’ll leave you to get dressed!” You said as you waited outside his door, you were blushing the deepest color you probably could.

It wasn’t long before Mituna came out dressed again, but his hair was wet coating his eyes with his black locks. You swept a finger over where his eyes are moving away his hair. He smiled at you bring you into a hug, you blushed hugging him back. You could tell when others were grinning and you knew he was. Why he was grinning you don’t know, but you chuckled knowing his grin was adorable.

You both withdrew looking at each other, you blushed under his gaze. You walked back to where you left his helmet holding it out for him. He frowned clearly not wanting to wearing his helmet. You recoiled with the helmet looking at it. You glared at the thing especially at the part meant to protect his eyes.

You examined the helmet and found yourself trying to pull out the red and blue blur. You managed to rip the damn piece of glass off smiling at the helmet. It wasn’t going to block Mituna’s eyes anymore.

You reached up placing the helmet on his head in your ‘special’ way. Mituna smiled at you his eyes shining bright.

“7H4N5K ____!” He was clearly glade, either from the glass being removed or you placing on his helmet you can’t be sure.

“No problem Mituna.” You say with a smile gazing your face, so long as he was happy you could smile.

Again you were being hugged by Mituna, he left it loose letting you look at him. He tilted your head up making you blush. He smiled with his fangs popping out the corner of his mouth.

“M-Mituna, what are you doing?” you asked trying to calm your blush. He grinned at you.

“Ju57 5h0w1ng h0w 1 f33l ____.” He neared you holding you by your waist.

“Wha-what about Latula?” You may not like it but if he’s with her, you can’t be cutting into the picture.

“M3 4nd h3r 4r3n’7 4 7h1ng 4nym0r3...” He was so calm about it, you could feel your heart trying to fly out of your chest. You can be his mate sprit.

The two of you were ever so close finding the wait too annoying. You locked lips with him feeling your heart skip ever needed beats. You weren’t sure if you’d survive having a kiss with this much emotion behind it. But the chances make you stay, not that you’d retreat either way.

He was holding you tight, if he brought you two any closer you’d have to merge bodies. His lips were soft, he smelled like honey and you loved that about him. His tongue licked over your lips, you thought it was just a tease, you were wrong. His tongue slipped between your lips, smooth like a trained assassin. Your mouth opened leaving the cave of your mouth to him for exploring. You had the same free pass into his mouth able to taste it. It wasn’t sweet honey as you expected, instead he tasted like bitter grapes. It was odd but it was just another thing you’d have to note about Mituna.

Out of breath you withdrew leaving blushes painting your faces. Mituna grinned at you, you couldn’t help but smile at him.

“83 my m4735pr17?” Mituna asked with his sweet nature. You quickly nodded your head jumping back into his arms, you looked up at him pulling off his helmet.

“I like you better without the helmet.” you said tossing it to the side.

“1 h4t3 17 700 ____.” He smiled hugging you as you nuzzled into his chest.

~BONUS ENDING! *a wild kurloz signals for the scene to change*~

“I’M SO GLADE THAT YOUR SHIP HAS SAILED. H33H33.” Muelin said squealing in joy.

You held onto Mituna blushing from Muelin’s excitement. Sure you and him seemed to be a good couple but the chance you and him might not stay together remained. For you though it just made you feel more safe, being how you find possibility for failure as a safe place.

“Thanks for the encouragement Muelin, we really appreciate it.” You said rubbing the back of your head.

“w3ll you two m4k3 a R4D coupl3!” Latula said giving you a thumbs up. Of all your associates you didn’t really expect Latula’s support but having it was just a pleasing thing to know.

“Again thanks.” You said kindly. Maybe you will last with Mituna, you just hope you get to see him more with out his damn helmet now.

ITS ANTOHER STORY YAY!!!:iconmitunaspazplz:
i had the idea that started this given by :iconhidanlover69:
i wanted to finish it yesterday but i didn't have time because of my Valentine Kat story. Happy late birthday :iconhidanlover69:
i hope you all like
mituna and all other homestuck characters belong to :iconandrewhussieplz:
story by me
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